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Revisiting the Blog

January 30, 2010

I haven’t been on in awhile but I would like to turn this blog into more of a website, since I do not yet have the skills to make a website.  Here is the latest animation I created during my experimental drawing class this winter. It is currently in the Hygienic Art Gallery’s 31st Salons des Independents. This is a great show. If you are in the New London area you should swing by to see all of the wonderful pieces.

Music by a[a]rdvark check them out at:

I’m doing a whole bunch of scanning this week for my internship applications so more to come soon. Promise.


November 15, 2009

I have been protesting the terrible scanner in the art building while simultaneously not lugging all my work the  library to scan. Sorry for the lack of posts as of late. To tide you over here are some images of my cardboard robots I’ve been making.







Summer Adventure

November 5, 2009

A couple months ago I took a trip cross country, I drew, wrote in my journal, met old friends, met new friends, experienced new landscapes and opened myself to a whole other part of the country I had not experienced. Here are some of my drawings from my sketchbooks:

old man cafe


wash board man


san fran unfinished

Lava Lamp Zine: Health Care Edition

November 5, 2009

Here is the second edition of the lava lamp zine. The lovely Caitlin Yates, Jay Spiwak and Pete M. helped me th other night and made the sweet cover and poster on the inide and half the collaging on the inside. Enjoy!health care edition


health care edition 1


health care edition 2


health care edition 3


health care edition 4


Summer Drawings to come soon!


The Beehive Collective

November 3, 2009

Yes I know this makes two posts in one day but the thoughts and images running through my head are about to explode my brain so I thought i’d let some of it out here. I was just at the Beehive Collective presentation and for those of you who don’t know who they are and didn’t look them up after I posted my zine about them, I’d advise you go check them out immediately:

I don’t really feel the need to talk about the issues they discuss and illustrate or how great the presentation was. To understand it you needed ot be there, and I suggest you watch out for when they travel your way, but I do think talking about our reactions to these kind of presentations is important. I find myself asking questions like how do I help? What do I do to get involved? Can I even help?

The bee talking to us brought this up and he advised to sit in that smallness you feel. Let it resonate. You have to feel these things before you find the ways in which you can actually help or find ways to react to it constructively and hopefully collaboratively with other bees.

So instead of blab to you how the smallness is resonating with me I’ll leave you with an image from the collective and maybe inspire you to feel the smallness too.


Figure drawing.

November 2, 2009

I wasn’t able to get to the good scanner today but wanted to make a post. So here are some figure drawings from the summer.










Hello New Blog

November 2, 2009

I made this a month ago and figured i should start using it now. First order of business, here is the zine I put together with some help from my LAVA club friends (“launching activism via art”). It is called the “Lava Lamp” and all about the beehive Collective and their visit to our school tomorrow. It is fun and all made with the copier and slapped together with a beautifully designed cover from the design kids.

I’ve gotten interested in zines, partially thanks to Eliza, and so this is my first attempt. They will become more collaborative as we get more kids involved and get more submissions. So it should be exciting. And then other people can double check my info and catch when I put the incorrect time for the meeting.

Here it is, the first edition:

bh zine


bh zine 1


bh zine 2


bh zine 3


bh zine 4