The Beehive Collective

Yes I know this makes two posts in one day but the thoughts and images running through my head are about to explode my brain so I thought i’d let some of it out here. I was just at the Beehive Collective presentation and for those of you who don’t know who they are and didn’t look them up after I posted my zine about them, I’d advise you go check them out immediately:

I don’t really feel the need to talk about the issues they discuss and illustrate or how great the presentation was. To understand it you needed ot be there, and I suggest you watch out for when they travel your way, but I do think talking about our reactions to these kind of presentations is important. I find myself asking questions like how do I help? What do I do to get involved? Can I even help?

The bee talking to us brought this up and he advised to sit in that smallness you feel. Let it resonate. You have to feel these things before you find the ways in which you can actually help or find ways to react to it constructively and hopefully collaboratively with other bees.

So instead of blab to you how the smallness is resonating with me I’ll leave you with an image from the collective and maybe inspire you to feel the smallness too.



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